Immigration Lawyer

Immigration struggles create unimaginable stresses – feelings of overwhelming uncertainty that are driven by fear. Here in the United States, every citizen is entitled to the opportunity to pursue their hopes and dreams without being burdened by these paralyzing experiences. Legal complications muddy the waters through which you can view your goals, wasting valuable time and energy when you could be focusing on what really matters.

Diana Bailey is a passionate Oregon Immigration Lawyer practicing in Portland, Beaverton, and Fresno, CA who embodies the belief that you deserve fair and complete representation to best eliminate barriers between you and what you truly care about. Diana is a heart-felt believer in the idea that our collective country is founded on and driven by immigrants. She seeks to assist you toward completing your goals, assuring you that your unique case will be thoroughly examined and painstakingly researched to get you the results that you desire.

With over 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisfied clients, Abogada Diana® is inherently and uniquely suited to handle your specific case. With thorough involvement before USCIS (Immigration), the Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court) & the Board of Immigration Appeals, Abogada Diana® knows exactly what it takes to address the obstacles holding you back from your dreams in the United States.

Diana Bailey hosts a diverse and incredibly passionate team of immigration attorneys, paralegals & legal assistants that work to maintain your inherent rights as Americans, as well as human beings. Driven by the simple desire to see positive results in your immediate life, this unique team of individuals are appropriately familiar with the immigration process because they’ve been there before. With family members who have applied for immigration benefits or having gone through the process themselves, the team under Diana Bailey has the passion, drive, and experience to bring you satisfactory results.

As a self proclaimed sanctuary city for immigration protection, Portland has the unique opportunity to fight against the tragic circumstances that have befallen our community. Your voice can be heard here, and Abogada Diana® wants to tell your unique story. If you are searching for a safe space in which you can have complete freedom to tell your story, she is here to hear it. For those struggling with uncertainty, Diana wants to provide you with a feeling of stability. Come to her law firm office in Portland, Beaverton, or Fresno in California with your legal battles, and take comfort in the fact that she will fight for your right to remain in a place that is supportive of you, as well as your family.