Deportation Waivers

Section 212(C) Waiver of Deportation (Legal Permanent Residents)

Section 212(c) provides relief for those who maintained residency in the U.S. for seven consecutive years. This provision is still in effect if the non-citizen is deportable or removable as a result of guilty pleas, particularly those pleas taken prior to April 24, 1996. Otherwise, the more strict standards of Cancellation of Removal apply.

To be eligible for Section 212(c) relief, a legal permanent resident must satisfy the following:

  • have 7 years of lawful permanent residence in the U.S.,
  • pled guilty to a crime before April 24,1996, and
  • have not been convicted of any aggravated felony, for which he/she was in jail or prison for five years or more.

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