Success Stories

DACA / Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

  • Numerous clients who filed under DACA have been approved and received valid work permits for the next 2 years. This includes a client with a DUI conviction (diversion) and a client with a domestic violence conviction — all equities considered daca was granted. In addition, clients that did not have a high school diploma enrolled in GED classes and had their DACA application approved.

VAWA Self Petition / Legal Permanent Residency

  • El Salvadorean client granted VAWA and received legal permanent residency. She is married to a United States Citizen who never filed on her behalf and subjected her to domestic violence and financial control. Despite entering the USA illegally, she was able to obtain legal permanent residency by filing a self petition.
  • Mexican client granted VAWA self petition. She was married to a legal permanent resident, though she never suffered physical abuse, she did suffer emotional abuse and her husband threatened to have her deported if she were to leave him or call the police. She received legal permanent residency in the United as did her under 21 year old child.
  • Mexican client granted VAWA self petition after suffering physical and emotional abuse from his United States Citizen wife. He received his legal permanent residency in the United States. This law applies to both men and women.


  • Asylum granted to a girl from Honduras based on her family being persecuted.
  • El Salvadorean woman granted asylum after entering the United States and seeking refuge based on domestic violence by her husband in El Salvador. She was granted asylum and her petitions for her two children under 21 years of age in El Salvador were also recently approved.
  • Guatemalan woman granted asylum based on domestic violence at the hands of her partner in Guatemala.
  • Mexican woman granted asylum based on domestic violence by her husband in Mexico. Despite not filing for asylum for 6 years after entering the United States. The one year filing requirement was waived due to post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Mexican transgender client granted asylum based on social group.
  • Asylum case granted to Central American children based on parental domestic violence.
  • Guatemalan children granted asylum based on the social group ‘orphans.’ They suffered abuse and were mistreated due to their social status as orphans.
  • Numerous other asylum cases granted.

Cancellation of Removal Before the Immigration Court (3 year and 10 year)

  • Mexican man granted cancellation of removal based on being present in the United States for 3 years and abuse he and his USC child faced at the hands of his USC spouse and the child’s mother.
  • Cancellation of removal granted to Mexican client based on the exceptional and extreme hardship his United States Citizen children would suffer if he were to be deported. (We proved he was in the United States for 10 years, a person of good moral character, and that his deportation/removal would result in the exceptional and extreme hardship to his United States Citizen children).
  • Cancellation of Removal granted to Mexican client after proving she was in the United States for 3 years, a person of good moral character, and that she suffered abuse from her United States Citizen husband.
  • Read about Toni’s cancellation of removal case which includes his past criminal record.

U Visa / Victims of Crime

  • We have had numerous U visas approved for clients and their families based on some of these crimes that they were a victim of: harassment (domestic violence), assault (domestic violence), felony assault, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, and robbery.
  • Mexican client granted U visa as a victim when her United States Citizen child was sexually assaulted.

U Visa For Entire Family

  • Attorney Diana Bailey of Portland Oregon also found that their four children who were under the age of 21, were also eligible to apply for the U visa with their parents, thus could potentially get the entire family status. Jesse and his wife were happy to hear the news but the question remained, if the county the crime took place in, would have those records in order to certify the crime as a qualifying U visa crime where the victims cooperated.

Ninth Circuit Appeal

  • Recently a Philippine client case remanded and eventually dismissed after the Government tried to deport her for a crime committed in the 1960s.
  • Mexican client’s motion to reopen granted and the government paid for the attorney fees under the Equal Access to Justice Act.

Board of Immigration Appeals

  • Mexican client granted cancellation of removal and his legal permanent residency in the United States after appealing a denial from Immigration Court. The BIA ruled his child would suffer exceptional and extreme hardship if he were removed (deported).
  • Asylum based on humanitarian grounds granted after the BIA found that our client was in fact credible or truthful.

Prosecutorial Discretion

  • Numerous cases have been administratively closed at the Immigration Court due to equities our clients have in the United States.

Legal Permanent Residency Based on Marriage

  • We have handled numerous successful cases where legal permanent residency was granted including cases where the foreign national had criminal convictions. These include cases under 245i.

Consular Processing with Stateside waiver

  • Mexican client granted Stateside waiver despite dui diversion conviction.

Consular Processing with waiver

  • Numerous clients granted a waiver for unlawful presence in the United States. Contact an immigration lawyer today.

Expert Witness in Post Conviction Relief Case

  • Ms. Bailey successfully testified in criminal court proceedings as an expert witness for the defense. A client was not adequately informed of the immigration consequences to a guilty plea for Burglary. The conviction was overturned based on constitutional reasons.