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As you look for the best immigration lawyer in Hillsboro, you will want to contact Bailey Immigration to learn how we have helped hundreds of families with their immigration resolutions. We have been serving the community of Hillsboro since 2001 with our knowledgeable and compassionate immigration staff, and we look forward to meeting you and hearing about your case. 

Hillsboro Is A Special City

According to an article published in 2017 by The City of Hillsboro, “The Hillsboro City Council voted to designate Hillsboro a sanctuary city. The resolution reaffirms the City of Hillsboro’s existing practices and reiterates the City’s appreciation for the community’s diversity. The Council noted that the resolution does not change how the City operates and does not afford undocumented immigrants any additional protection from federal immigration law enforcement.”

The resolution approved by the Hillsboro City Council defines a sanctuary city as:

“A city that is committed to providing a safe community for all individuals, regardless of ethnicity or immigration status, and ensures that all members of our community are safe and can call upon public safety assistance whenever necessary, without being questioned about federal immigration laws and without fear of reprisal based solely on legal status, in accordance with Oregon State Law.”

That is good news for individuals and families who have outstanding immigration issues in Hillsboro, but navigating Immigration Law can still be a challenge. In some cases, finding an expert in Immigration Law can help you to smoothly get through the process.   

Hillsboro Immigration Attorney

Bailey Immigration Law Attorneys for Hillsboro, Oregon are dedicated and passionate about the immigration process. We all have our own personal family immigration stories and bring that to our expertise in helping you and your family. 

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