Gresham Immigration Lawyer

Gresham is growing, and with rapid change comes opportunity. You deserve to live a life where you need not worry about legal representation, and Bailey Immigration Law Attorneys is here to provide you with ample support despite your struggles regarding immigration law. Continually inclusive and consciously making efforts to provide better lives for its residents, the City of Gresham has been elevating the experience of living in Multnomah County for years. 

Recently allocating $43,000 in grant money to improve the community quality of life in February of 2019 (, Gresham has taken significant measures to ensure that those who live in the immediate area are truly thriving. Bailey Immigration embodies these efforts, providing those who live in Multnomah County with impeccable legal representation when they require assistance with immigration law. 

Located just east of Portland and home to thousands of Trail Blazers fans, this charming community is a perfect representation of what it means to live in the Pacific Northwest. Building a better life for yourself and your loved ones should not be impacted by the pain, worry, and confusion stemming from immigration based legal complications. Bailey Immigration is well versed in Family-Based immigration law, Citizenship and Naturalization law, Asylum, as well as many other avenues to best represent you, as well as the ones you love, in the court of law. By utilizing years of experience in these fields, you can have faith in the process as your way of life remains uninterrupted. 

Families thrive in Gresham, with 3 individual school districts and home to Mt. Hood Community College, there are currently more opportunities for continuing education and critical learning than ever before. The threat of disruption can be daunting, intimidating, and deeply upsetting – which is why Bailey Immigration wants to assist you in retaining what you value most. Located in the heart of downtown Portland and easily accessible by public transit, the Bailey Immigration offices are here to help you protect your way of life so that you can continue building without worry. 

Your legal troubles are no laughing matter, however they are not anything that we cannot handle. Our committed and experienced Immigration Law Attorneys and staff can help you with immigration law services such as:

  • DACA / Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • VAWA Self Petition / Legal Permanent Residency
  • Asylum
  • Cancellation of Removal Before the Immigration Court
  • U Visa / Victims of Crime
  • U Visa For Entire Family
  • Ninth Circuit Appeal
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Prosecutorial Discretion
  • Legal Permanent Residency Based on Marriage
  • Consular Processing with Stateside Waiver
  • Consular Processing with Waiver

Growing in Gresham, Oregon is a right that you have as an American Citizen, and is a crucial part of what makes the community so distinctive. By defending your right to thrive in this unique part of the country, Bailey Immigration allows you to fight for what is rightfully yours.