Month: April 2021

April 30, 2021

New Supreme Court Ruling On How To Calculate Continuous Presence for Cancellation of Removal — e42b

Many Immigrants in Removal Proceedings May Benefit from the US Supreme’s Court’s Ruling on April 29, 2021 On How to Calculate Whether An Undocumented Individual Has 10 Years of Continuous Presence To Apply For Cancellation of Removal On April 29, 2021 the US Supreme Court ruled in Niz-Chavez v. Garland that a charging document (Notice […]


April 22, 2021

Good Moral Character For Citizenship Applications

USCIS requires any citizenship applicant to have at least five years of good moral character, or three years if the petitioner is currently married and living with a USC spouse. Such good moral character will need to be maintained throughout the time the application is pending and being processed, to the oath of allegiance. It […]


April 4, 2021


Naturalization/Citizenship is a process in which Legal Permanent Residents voluntarily apply to become an American Citizen.    Who can apply for Citizenship? There are many ways you can gain citizenship in the United States. Some of the ways are being born in the U.S, through the military, deriving citizenship from family members, or applying for […]