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June 26, 2023

I-918 Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification

I-918 Supplement B crimes

What is an I-918 Supplement B?

Form I-918 Supplement B, also known as U-Certification, is sent to a certifying agency or official who are or have handled the case you were a victim of. They have the authority to sign the I-918 Supplement B form that confirms that you were a victim of a qualified crime if they find that the information is true and correct. There is never a guarantee that officials will sign it as the decision is based on their discretion.

What do officials look for?

Officials will often go through a list of qualifications for a U-Visa to verify that you are eligible to apply. Below is a list from the I-918 Supplement B form with qualifying crimes that can be considered for a U-Visa.

I-918 Supplement B form crimes

What happens when it doesn’t get signed?

There’s always an opportunity to re-submit your u-certification for the official to reconsider their decision. However, officials can always choose not to sign. If it is not signed, the official will typically but not always give you an explanation. This is why it’s important that the I-918 Supplement B is thoroughly completed and gives your explanation of the crime you were a victim of.

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