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July 7, 2024

Emergency Advance Parole (AP)

Advance Parole (AP) allows non-citizens residing in the U.S. to travel abroad temporarily and return legally with authorization. Those with DACA, TPS, T-Visa, U-Visa, and those who have applied for Lawful Permanent Resident Status are eligible to apply for an Advance Parole Document for employment, humanitarian, or educational purposes. The processing time for an Advance […]


June 26, 2024

Widow Petition

Navigating the immigration process can be particularly challenging for those who have lost their spouses. For widows and widowers of U.S. citizens, a widow petition offers a path to obtain a green card, provided they can prove their marriage was in good faith. This petition allows the surviving spouse to continue the immigration process after […]


June 19, 2024

Biden’s Immigration Plan for Spouses of United States Citizens (and children of United States Citizens)

If a spouse of a United States Citizen has an illegal entry, and a family petition wasn’t filed before May 1, 2001, then the spouse must embark on a 3 step process that takes over 6 years (with the covid backlog) for completion. All the while, there is no work permit. So the undocumented spouse […]


May 31, 2024

Nunc Pro Tunc Immigration Amendments

Nunc Pro Tunc (Now for Then) immigration amendments are used to fix immigration document mistakes and change an order or decision with a retroactive effect. USCIS has the power to treat an application or request and make it effective to that of an earlier date of when the application was first filed or approved. Reasons […]


May 30, 2024

Consular Process Interview in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (TGG)

If you received an email notification with your interview date in Tegucigalpa, there are several steps you should take before traveling. Step 1: Registering Your Appointment To register your interview appointment, create a profile at  Each family member must create their profile.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, you must email or call either […]


May 30, 2024

Prosecutorial Discretion at Immigration Court (EOIR)

During Biden’s Presidency, the deportation policy was that he ordered the courts to reduce the number of people in court proceedings and to focus on deporting criminals and those who pose a threat to the United States. For those who are considered low risk the option of prosecutorial discretion was offered.  Prosecutorial discretion is the option of asking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to […]


October 12, 2023

How to request an in-person appointment at a USCIS field office

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has released a new online form for individuals, attorneys, and accredited representatives to request an in-person appointment at their local field office without having to call the USCIS Contact Center. See link below. In-person appointments are only to be requested for the following: ADIT stamp Emergency Advance Parole Immigration […]


October 5, 2023

What Is The Visa Bulletin?

If you have an approved I-130 petition and have not been able to obtain your green card it may be because your priority date isn’t current. To find the priority date you will need to review the visa bulletin board at The visa bulletin is issued every month by the Department of State. The […]


September 28, 2023

Can’t Find a Joint Sponsor? Form I-864 & I864A Affidavit of Support

A sponsor is someone with legal status, a Legal Permanent Resident or a United States Citizen, who agrees to take on the legal obligation of financially supporting an applicant for a family-based petition. The addition of a joint sponsor happens when the petitioner does not meet the income established by the Federal Poverty Guidelines. […]


September 21, 2023

Petition for Qualifying Family Member of a U-1 Nonimmigrant

If your immediate family member is a principal U-1 holder, you may be able to obtain legal status by using form I-929. What is a U-1 holder? A U-1 holder is referred to as the principal applicant of the approved U-Visa. This means that the applicant was the first to file the U visa application […]