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September 28, 2023

Can’t Find a Joint Sponsor? Form I-864 & I864A Affidavit of Support

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A sponsor is someone with legal status, a Legal Permanent Resident or a United States Citizen, who agrees to take on the legal obligation of financially supporting an applicant for a family-based petition. The addition of a joint sponsor happens when the petitioner does not meet the income established by the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You may have someone in your family or household that might help you and you are not aware of it. If your petitioner does not meet the income guidelines for financial support, this income may be combined with someone living in the same household. This potential sponsor will have to sign a form known as I-864A to be able to combine both of the incomes,
totaling the required amount by USCIS, to be able to financially support you and to prevent you from becoming a public charge to the U.S.

If that first option doesn’t work, a family member, friend, or acquaintance is able to co-sponsor you. They will need to submit their own Affidavit of Support, commonly known as the form I-864 – Affidavit of Support. They should be aware of their obligations by signing as a joint sponsor i864 and they have to be able to meet the required income, which varies, depending on the household size.

If doubts are still remaining, if you think you cannot find a sponsor, or your sponsor is unsure or does not feel confident about this sponsorship, we can always help you, guide you and advise you on what can work better for your particular case, and how to proceed so you can have a successful petition.

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