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April 4, 2022

What you need to know about the Provisional Waiver for Unlawful Presence – Form 601a

An unlawful presence waiver (Form 601a) is used for applicants who have an approved family petition, form i-130, and are unable to adjust their status here in the United States. Here’s an example: Juan is from Mexico and entered the United States through the desert in 1998. Juan is 50 years old and married to […]


December 30, 2021

Consular Processing and Preparing for your Interview

In preparation for your consular interview, be aware that there are several components to it.  The interview process is more than just a simple interview with an US Consulate Officer.  It’s a multi-step process that if not done accordingly, it can lead to your case being delayed, or even denied. The following information is a high-level […]


December 29, 2021

Military Parole in Place (PIP) Benefits (Form I-131)

Are you undocumented and have a spouse, parent or children in the military or veterans? You may qualify to request a work permit based on a military parole in place program. This permit can be renewed indefinitely, as long as USCIS allows it. Certain criminal charges, alien smuggling, among others may affect an applicant’s eligibility […]


December 19, 2021

Married to a U.S. citizen – Legal Permanent Residence (LPR) status

DACA (Form I-821D) and Advance Parole (Form I-131) If you are married to a U.S. citizen, you may be able to request Legal Permanent Residence (LPR) status Are you a DACA holder and would like to visit a family member in your home country? DACA recipients are currently allowed to request a travel permit to […]


December 13, 2021

Asylum through Domestic Violence Is Once Again A Viable Option: Form i589

Under the Trump Administration, Asylum through domestic violence in a foreign country was basically stripped in a case called Matter of A-B.  The Biden Administration’s Attorney General Garland overturned that decision and we once again have Domestic Violence survivors as a social group for Asylum under a case called Matter of ARCG. Domestic Violence Case […]


October 5, 2021

Fraud & Misrepresentation Waivers

There are various factors that may make a person ‘inadmissible’ to the United States.  Committing Fraud or Misrepresentation are grounds of inadmissibility.  Typically we see this in several areas. One scenario is attempting to enter the United States with someone else’s legal permanent resident card or visa.  Another scenario may be claiming to be a […]


September 28, 2021

USCIS’ Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement on Cases with Medical Exams

Generally, lawful permanent resident applicants and a few others that are deemed necessary, must show through a medical examination that they are free of any conditions that would make them inadmissible to the U.S. under health-related grounds. This exam is only to be performed by civil surgeons (approved doctors) authorized by USCIS and the results […]


June 3, 2021

What to Expect During a Spousal (Marriage) Interview with Immigration (USCIS)

Application Typically, Spousal (Marriage) Interviews in the USA are done when an application for Adjustment of Status (Form i485), sometimes together with the Family Petition (I-130), are filed in the United States when the foreign national spouse is in the USA. Not all spouses of United States Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents are eligible to […]


May 26, 2021

Immigration & Criminal Records

First and foremost, if you have a criminal record and are applying for an immigration benefit, talk to an experienced immigration attorney. There are crimes that will not pose a problem for your immigration application, crimes that may require a waiver and a qualifying relative to help you with that waiver, and there are crimes […]


May 19, 2021

DACA and Travel Outside the USA With Advance Parole

If you are a Dreamer and have DACA status, you may be able to travel outside the USA if you obtain Advance Parole before travelling abroad.  Advance Parole is permission to re-enter the United States under the status of Advance Parole. Note: A DACA recipient must have permission to travel outside of the USA before […]