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April 14, 2020

COVID Updates Related To Immigration

Here are some COVID 19 updates related to immigration: PORTLAND, OREGON IMMIGRATION COURT (EOIR) The Portland Immigration Court EOIR is closed for hearings, where the individual is not detained, through the end of April 2020.  If you had a court appearance during this time, your court will be rescheduled and a notice will be sent […]


April 8, 2020

Cancellation of Removal (E42b) and Work Permits

Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), otherwise known as work permits, provide immigrants with the ability to lawfully work within the United States. Only certain immigrants may apply for EADs. Those applying for cancellation of removal as a non-lawful permanent resident (E42b) can apply for EADs.  What is Cancellation of Removal for Nonlegal Permanent Residents (E42b)? Cancellation […]


March 19, 2020

Applicants’ Guide to Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents

Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents, filed through a E-42A application, is an important relief mechanism for green card holders who have been placed in removal. To qualify for cancellation of removal, you must prove the following to an immigration judge: You’ve had permanent residency status for at least 5 years at the time […]


March 5, 2020

Being Born a Woman In Central America

In the USA, the fight for equality started many years ago. Our fight stemmed from a time in history where women were not viewed as equal to men. Here in the USA, Women were once deprived of things such as public schooling, the ability to work alongside men and also have any position of power […]


February 28, 2020

Public Charge Rule

The U.S. Supreme Court On The Public Charge Last Friday, February 21, 2020, Justice Sotomayor issued a scathing dissent on the Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote overruling various District Court injunctions that blocked the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule, fulfilling the government’s request and allowing the controversial “public charge” rule to go into effect in every […]


February 10, 2020

Losing Your Green Card Overseas: What to do Next?

Losing your green card while overseas can be an extremely stressful and anxiety inducing situation. Your green card, otherwise known as a Permanent Resident Card, acts as a certification of lawful residency within the United States. Without your green card, you cannot lawfully reenter back to the U.S. after temporary travel abroad. Federal law requires […]


January 30, 2020

Tragedies That Can Turn Out To Be A Path to Asylee Status

Tragedies That Can Turn Out To Be A Path to Asylee Status For many people who have been raised in the USA, it’s hard to fathom the tragedies and horrific events that occur outside our borders. It’s one of the main reasons immigrants choose to leave behind their homes, their country, their families and make […]


January 20, 2020

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) & Adjustment of Status To Legal Permanent Resident (green card holder)

Temporary Protected Status has existed for foreign nationals from countries that have experienced a Major Natural Disaster or Civil War. The following countries have had TPS: El Salvador, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sierra Leon, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, & Yemen. With the Trump Administration threatening to end the TPS designation for many […]


January 3, 2020

Stopping a Deportation/Removal: Stay of Removal – i-246

Form i-246 is used to stay a removal (deportation) so it is for someone who already has a removal (deportation) order. It is used as a last ditch effort to request that a person with a removal (deportation) order be allowed to stay in the United States. The fee for this form is $155 postal money order […]


December 28, 2019

Three Year Cancellation of Removal for NonLegal Permanent Residents – E42b – 3 Year Vawa Cancellation of Removal

There are two types of Cancellation of Removal (E42b) that a person can apply for in Immigration Court (Executive Office for Immigration Review):  3 year VAWA Cancellation of Removal and 10 year Cancellation of Removal. This form of relief is sometimes referred to as E42b. It’s applied for on EOIR Form E42b and can only […]